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School uniform


When children return in September they are permitted to wear either their summer uniform or their winter uniform but not a mixture of both. When buying shoes for school please remember that trainers (even if black!) are not permitted. The same applies to boots such as ‘kicker’ type boots which come above the ankle.


Earrings, including studs, are not permitted and I would therefore suggest that if you a thinking of having your child’s ears pierced this must be done tomorrow and certainly by the end of the first week of the holidays to ensure that the six week turning period where the earrings must stay in place can be adhered to before your child returns to school. Apparently some places which offer ear piercing suggest that the earrings need to stay in for a year! In which case it may be necessary for you to wait until your child leaves St Thomas’ before you pierce their ears. Thank you.


Please also remember that motifs in hair or dyed and coloured hair are considered to be extremes of fashion and we would request that children do not return to school with such styles.


If you are buying your child a new school coat please remember that we require all school coats to be plain navy. Finally children are not permitted to bring additional bags to school and must use the school reading bag or a bag similar size to this if they travel to school by bicycle.


Additional Information about our Uniform expectations is available in the Key Information tab, sub section School Uniform.


Thank you.