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Mini Olympics Comes to St Thomas'

Our School Council members have asked if we can do something to mark the Olympic Games being hosted in London this year. Their suggestion was to hold a mini Olympics where the children participate in 5 activities and get sponsorship from parents and family for how many activities they complete successfully. The funding raised will go towards the cost of purchasing sports equipment for St Thomas' school (a legacy for the school).

The 5 activities they have selected are:
  • How many bounces of a tennis ball can they do in one minute using a racquet?
  • How many metres can they throw a javelin/ball?
  • How many 20metre shuttle runs can they complete in 2 minutes?
  • How many goals can they score in a netball hoop from 10 shots?
  • To run a circuit of the field
The event is scheduled to take place next Wednesday 27th June and/or Thursday 28th June depending on time and timetables.

So please return your sponsor forms by Wednesday 27th June.

On behalf of the School Council, thank you for your support!