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London Peace Prom Choir Archive 2012


On Wednesday 20th June I attended a presentation at the Irish Embassy in London to launch the start of the London Peace Proms. This event was for Headteachers and music teacher, however Mr Birtles was unable to attend therefore, Mrs Ward came instead. This was a very exciting event and both the director of the Peace Proms and a representative from the Irish Embassy spoke about the importance of the event and how it has contributed to the peace that Ireland now enjoys. However, they explained how Ireland is only at the beginning of its journey of peace and that it will take a long time to heal the wounds that the conflict has caused. We are very fortunate to be contributing to this journey of peace.


During the day Mrs Ward and myself has our pictures taken with some of the Irish officials who were also attending the event. The photographs will be published in the Irish Post over the next few weeks, the link for which you can find on the bottom of this page. So please look to see if you find them.


While at the embassy I was asked to write about our choir and take pictures of us which hopefully will be included in the information that will be given to the audience on the night of the concert. Therefore, I would like you to help me write about the rehearsals, how we have learnt the songs and how it adds to all the exciting things we do at St Thomas’ School. Your information has to be less the 100 words and given to Mr Seymour before the end of term! Write carefully and it could be your work that appears in the concert programme on the night!


Keep practicing


Mr Seymour

Dear Children,

                        Congratulations! You have been very lucky to be selected a part of the London Peace Prom Choir. We will rehearse after school every Friday in preparation for the concert at the Royal Albert Hall in October. Please make sure you are in the Music Department on time each week and rehearsals will finish at 4:15pm.
In the concert we will be singing with 1000 other Catholic children and we will accompany The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland (CBOI). It was established in 1995 as a means of bringing young people together from different backgrounds and communities, through the powerful medium of music. Composed of 140 young people from many parts of Ireland, the CBOI is one of Ireland’s flagship peace initiatives and has become the most acclaimed youth orchestra that Ireland has ever produced. Therefore, we are very lucky to be taking part in this event and it is important you are committed.
Below is all the music, and words, we will need to learn. Please make sure you practice at home so we are defiantly ready in time.
Additionally, keep checking this page as I will post information about tickets etc on here as soon as I know!


Practice hard


Mr Seymour

01 Adiemus

02 Blame it on the Boogie

03 Crossing Borders

04 Don't stop the Music Full


07 Let there be Peace Full

08 Let there be Peace Voice 1

09 Let there be peace 2

11 Rise Up

13 Adiemus

14 Blame it on the boogie

15 Crossing Borders

16 Don't stop the Music

18 Let there be Peace

20 Rise Up

01 - This is why we sing

02 - Amani

03 - Anything is Possible

04 - dance evolution