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Family Favourites Workshop Day in Year 1 - 14 June 2011

Over ten year one children and their parents recently took part in the ‘Family Favourites Workshop’ led by the Family Learning Team. This was a lively and fun session giving the opportunity for parents to work/learn with their children within the school setting. The session offered innovative ideas encouraging practical ways of creating quality one-to-one parent/child time.
Please read some of the comments made by parents below and take a look at our photos:


"It was lovely to watch ‘my daughter’ completing the project by herself without too much help from mum. I learned to take a back seat and listen to her rather than taking over."
"The idea of encouraging children and parents to do everyday activities was wonderful. I wish we could have had more time."
"I really enjoyed working alongside my child in a school environment."
"What I liked most was spending some 1 – 1 time with my child. It would have been good to have more time."
"I liked spending some time with my child during school!"
"I really enjoyed spending time away from home doing activities together. I will definitely do this again."
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