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Art Club Archive 2014/2015

Art Club members have a special talent for Art and Design, which has been recognised by their teachers.
We enjoy working with a variety of tools and materials, developing our skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles and many other crafts.
We are currently exploring the Art and techniques of a variety of artists which we will be using to create a large, varied artwork to become part of our 'Take One Picture' project which we are working on as part of the Thurrock Trailblazer initiative supported by the Royal Opera House and Thurrock Council.
We really enjoy displaying our work and hope you enjoy looking at some examples below.
Art Club takes place on Monday afternoons, organised by Mrs Balmer, with the invaluable help of Mrs Zanetta.

Week One ~ Exploring the life, work and techniques of Vincent Van Gogh
Week Two ~ The amazingly funky world of Romero Britto!
Week Three ~ Using a variety of techniques to create texture and shading - with pencil!

Week Five ~ creating photo-montage and joiners effects after studying the work of David Hockney

Week Six ~ looking at the sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci, we used a detailed study of anatomy (our own face and hand) to create Leonardo like sketches.

Week seven ~ The style and work of Pablo Picasso and CUBISM - check out our cubist shapes and notice some of us are in a 'blue period!'

Look at how our costume and fashion group at Art club are getting on with Mrs Mitchell... Check out their paper creation ~ WOW!

WEEK EIGHT - working with the wonderfully versitile medium of charcoal - inspired by the amazing finger paintings of Judith Ann Braun.This was lovely and MESSY - yay!

And our costume design group are beginning to make their own costume creations - working on templates and patterns to create the initial basic shapes.