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A School Cook Book - 30 January 2012

A School Cook Book

I am compiling a ’School Cook Book’ on behalf of St. Thomas’ School and invite you to share your favourite recipes with me so that these can be included in the book.
Straight forward home cooked ’family favourites’ is what is required e.g. soups, stews, pies, International dishes, puddings, cakes etc… including any tried and tested recipes that may have been handed down through your family that you would like to share with others.
My aim is to turn these recipes into a ‘School Cook Book’ which would be for sale, the proceeds of which will go to St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School.
So get your thinking caps on……..
If you are interested in contributing to this Project, dig out your recipes for : starters, main courses, vegetable dishes, desserts, cakes and biscuits. There will also be a section on recipes for ‘Young Cooks‘  which children can follow with appropriate adult supervision, to produce their own culinary delights!
 Preferably please e-mail your recipes ( up to 3 per person ) to  
 Alternatively you may hand recipe(s) into the school office in an envelope clearly marked  ‘School Cook Book Recipes’
(Please attach your contact details in case I need to chat with you)
This has the potential to be a fantastic cook book and something that our school can be proud of.
I look forward to receiving your recipes and your support in this venture!
*****   Attention   ***** 
Please indicate if your recipe is a family recipe, a family favourite, for ‘young cooks’ or if International, the Country of its origin.
Comments if you wish, are welcome and often helpful
e.g. ‘min. prep. time‘    ‘kids love it! ’   ‘for that special occasion’   ‘delicious’ ‘easy to follow’   etc ….
And please feel free to send me any ‘handy hints’ or ‘tips’ to do with any aspect of food preparation and cooking that you have or may have picked up over the years.
Many thanks!
Ann Billingham   (school mum )  
tasty   /    07751077840   
Please mail or ring me if you have any questions