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Year 4



The teachers in Year Four are Mrs Ignatov (4I), Miss Doyle (4DC) and Miss O'Flynn (4O'F).


The teaching assistants are Mrs Cook, Mrs Strange and Mrs Lochowska .


In Year Four we will set homework every Thursday which is due back in the following Tuesday each week. We know that reading is important to support your child's imagination, creativity and learning across all subjects. Therefore, reading for up to 15 minutes each evening for up to 5 evenings per week will be expected as part of your child's weekly homework. We know it's important that children enjoy reading and so we are happy for this to be a school reading book, a library book, or a book from home so that your child has a wide range to choose from. Please ensure you listen to your child read, ask them questions and sign their reading record each evening. 

Many thanks,

The Year Four Team.

What we will be learning this year.

Spring 1 Week 6: beginning 11th February 2019

RE:     Topic: Giving and Receiving

              To understand how we gather in love at Mass.   

              To understand the Penitential Act.


English:   Varjak Paw (Newspaper writing)

                To recap the features of newspaper reports.

               The  children will plan and write a newspaper report .

               To explore new characters in the book and write a descriptive paragraph. 


Spelling/Grammar:  To revise reported speech.

                      To know how to punctuate dialogue using inverted commas.  

                      To know how to use commas adding extra information.   



Maths:     Division (formal method)  

           Division facts, solving problems involving division(4I)  



Science:  Sound:

                To revise the topic.

                To assess the topic of Sound.








Gymnastics in 4I

Anglo-Saxon Day