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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


In Year 4 you will be taught by Mrs Ignatov (4I), Mr Brennan (4B) and Miss Collier (4C). You will be supported by, Mrs Cook, Mrs Beasley and Mrs Whitwood.


Please look at the yearly overview to find out all of the exciting topics we will be learning about this year!

Year Four Curriculum

Week beginning 21. 05.18

This week the children will be learning in:

RE:    Building Bridges (Friendship):  LF1: To understand sin and the examination of the conscience.

                          To understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation.                    

Maths:      To revise multiplication and division facts involving problem solving.

                 To collect data and draw bar charts. 


English:  Iron Man: the book we are reading and focus on during this half term.

               Writing:   To write a narrative based on the Iron Man. 

                               To edit and improve the narrative. 

              Grammar: To edit and improve writing, in particular capital letters, punctuation and verb tenses.   

               Reading:  To continue to explore new vocabulary and identify their meaning in texts.

                                To locate information when answering questions and develop inference and deduction skills. 


Science:  Foodchains:    To learn about the different animals and their foodchains. 







Photos for Autumn Term

Hello world! This is Year 4 making contact. We have had an extraordinarily productive and fun 7-9 weeks at St Thomas' this year. Here are some of the photos of the exciting and interesting learning going on in our year group!