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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


The Year Three teachers are Mrs Stephens (3S), Mrs Chadwick (3C) and Miss Theakston and Miss Burton (3TB).


The teaching assistants are Mrs Strange, Mrs Beasley and Mrs Sturgess.


In Year Three we will set homework every Thursday which is due back in the following Tuesday  each week. We know that reading is important to support your child's imagination, creativity and learning across all subjects. Therefore, reading for 15 minutes each evening will be expected as part of your child's weekly homework. We know it's important that children enjoy reading and so we are happy for this to be a school reading book, a library book, or a book from home so that your child has a wide range to choose from. Please ensure you listen to your child read, ask them questions and sign their reading record each evening. Please also let us know when your child needs to change their reading book.

Many thanks,

The Year Three team.

Maths Day 1st February 2019

3S Gymnastics using the apparatus

3S Moving Monsters- We used our understanding of pneumatic's to create monsters that open and close their mouths!

Our Rock Walk

This week in Year Three we have been investigating the permeability of rocks. We tested chalk, sandstone, limestone, granite and slate to see if they would absorb water or not. We discovered that rocks that absorb water are called porous. If it is porous then the water might run through and so it would not be waterproof. The porous rocks were sandstone and chalk which means they would not be used to make buildings or for roof tiles! Rocks such as limestone are impermeable which is why they are a good material for making buildings. Did you know that St Paul's Cathedral in London is made from limestone?



3S - Investigating the permeability of rocks

 In 3S we have been finding out about pneumatics- using air to make something work. We created a simple pneumatic system using some tubing, a balloon, a syringe and an elastic band. We were able to lift a ruler from the table without touching it just by using air. We will use our investigation to create moving monsters- watch this space for the results...……..


Monday 11th February 2019


Dear parents and carers,


This week we will be consolidating our knowledge of homophones, in particular, there, their and they're, and where, were and we're and which and witch. Please support your child in learning these homophones at home.


In Maths, we are starting our work on fractions. We will be finding fractions of amounts and linking finding a fraction to division. We will also be finding equivalent fractions. 


In Science, we will be creating shadow puppets and consolidating what we have learnt about light this term. 


Please note that the homework for half term is to write a competition entry for the Wicked Young Writer's competition. It can be based on any theme (e.g. a story, poem or a play script) and can be up to (but no longer than) 750 words. These are due in on the first Monday back after half term, the 25th February. This will give us time to feedback improvements before the children submit their entries for the competition.

(It is not necessary to type their entry, however, it will be easier for your child to edit their work if they type their entry on a computer and save it at home. That way, when we proof read them, they can just open the file and make corrections rather than re-write the entry again! It will also be easier to check that the word count is no more than 750 words on a computer.)


We hope you have a relaxing half term and thank you for your continued support. 


The Year Three team



Year 3 Yearly Overview 2018-19