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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 smiley


This year, your teachers and TA's are:

1B - Mrs Brind, Mrs Watras and Mrs Perry

1D - Mrs Davies and  Mrs Hubbard

1S - Mr Smith, Mrs Oliver (Monday & Tuesday) and Mrs Cantwell (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)


Year 1 is an important year. Your child will be following the new national curriculum. They will be following the whole school behaviour chart, where your child has an increased responsibility for their behaviour. At the end of each lesson your child will be expected to assess their learning using the self assessment charts. Your child will have a mixture of continuous provision (learning activities that the children choose which links to prior learning and our topic) and formal learning during the Autumn Term. From November 2018, all lessons will be taught as a whole class. There will be a continued focus on phonics as in June 2019, your child will take part in the  Government Phonic Screening Test. Your child will flourish and become much more independent.

Week beginning 10th December 2018

This week we will be learning about:


  • English- We will be recounting our trip to the zoo. Please help your child by talking to them about their trip and discussing what they saw. Please encourage them to use words such as first, then, next, after that, finally. 
  • Maths- We will be learning about odd and even numbers. Please help you child by encouraging them to recognise odd and even numbers when they are out. Can they find a pattern? Why are the numbers odd and even? We will also be discussing what happens when you add two even or odd numbers together. 
  • RE- Waiting - We will be learning about the Annunciation. Please help your child by sharing Luke 1 26 - 31  and Luke 2 1-7,8-20. Please discuss how Mary would have been feeling. 
  • Computing - We will be locating our saved work and editing it. 
  • PE- Games - We will be using a range of equipment and learning to play as part of a team. Please help your child by discussing what it means to be a good team player. 
  • Science - We will be discussing the structure of different animals and their habitats when we go to London Zoo. Please help your child by discussing the animals that the children saw.
  • Design and Technology - We will be making our moving picture. Please help your child by showing them how to use scissors correctly. They could tell you their idea for the moving picture that they are making. 


Reminder - Trip to London Zoo on Tuesday 11th December. Please ensure that your child is in school at 7.30am. They must be wearing school uniform and be provided with a packed lunch.