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Our teachers are Mrs Ford, Mrs Foley and Mrs Charidza. We are supported by Mrs Hort, Mrs Wood, Mrs Peacock, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Lochowska and Mrs Adams.


We enjoy learning through practical play and exploration. Check out the links below to see what we have been learning about recently.



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03-06-19 Our weekly focuses:


  • RE- Re-capping about Pentecost-role play
  • Literacy- Writing instructions using time connectives. Writing instructions to make a cake.  
  • Maths- Learning the language of weighing-heaviest, lightest, balancing by making cup cakes


Homework dated 07-06-19 Link weighing games: or  

We have been learning about Emotions, Lent, Mothers/Valentines day, sharing, circle games and 3d shapes

We celebrated Christmas

We have been learning about Pirates, Positional language, going on a treasure hunt, addition and about floating and sinking.

What we will be learning about this year

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