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Welcome to Early Years!


Our teachers are Mrs Ellender, Mrs Foley and Mrs Charidza. We are supported by Mrs Wood, Mrs Peacock, Mrs Hort, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Cassidy. 


We enjoy learning through practical play and exploration. Check out the links below to see what we have been learning about recently.


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19-03-2018 Our weekly focuses:


  • RE-Easter- Discussing the Easter story.
  • Reading- We are learning to blend sounds to read simple sentences. We  are learning our tub words.
  • Writing- We are learning to use our phonic knowledge to sound out words and write simple sentences and stories.
  • We are learning to read and write the high frequency words: people, your, put, could and house.
  • Maths- We are learning about doubling.


What we will be learning about this year

List of useful websites

We've Been Learning About Pirates.

We've been learning about baptism and advent

We have been learning about capacity