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The children loved the infant party tonight!!! 

A massive thank you to everyone who helped out, we cannot run these events on our own! 

I know they are hectic and loud but the children always leave smiling which makes it worthwhile. 

So thank you for giving up your spare time doing something amazing for so many people we really appreciate every single one of you xxxxx

The PTA had a very successful year! 

We managed to raise £11,821!! 

We cannot do this without the help of all parents, we dont just want your money for discos and raffle tickets we also need volunteers for the discos, to wrap presents and many other things.

If you have some free time please think of us as if we do not have enough parents at these events then they cannot go ahead! 


On a happier note we will be donating £6,000 to the school!

This money benefits all the children in the entire school so thank you to every person who helped us during the year xx

Contact the PTA; text 07894252850 or email